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Captain Turkey Contact ‘Won’t be able to work for years’: Woman’s husband finds out she’s HIV-positive

‘Won’t be able to work for years’: Woman’s husband finds out she’s HIV-positive

An HIV-negative woman has lost her job as a cleaner at a large electronics company after her employer discovered she has the virus.

Shannon O’Connor, 31, was hired as a full-time cleaner at Stonyfield Park in Toronto in December last year, when she was diagnosed with the virus, said her husband, Shane O’Conner.

He said he is now worried about his wife’s future.

“I think she has lost everything, she is on medication and has lost all her belongings,” he said.

The couple, who have been married for two years, say they had planned to move to another town in Canada and to start a family, but the virus has forced them to stay home.

Shannon was initially hired at the same company as two other women who were also HIV-infected and had been working in the same store.

Shannon and her husband are hopeful that they will be able work again after they are both cured.

Shannon’s husband says the virus is devastating for her to live in the city, but she still hopes to work in another city.

“She has a wonderful husband and she’s a good person, so I don’t think she is in any danger,” he added.

The O’Connors say they have had to look after their two young children, ages five and two, who are both on medications for epilepsy.

But they also worry about the future for their wife and children, who live with her mother.

“My whole family is so sick, we are so worried, our daughter has to take her medication for two weeks,” he explained.

“We are just living on the edge of desperation.”

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