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Captain Turkey Technology How to stop your smart phone from turning into a surveillance device

How to stop your smart phone from turning into a surveillance device

If you own a smart phone, chances are it has sensors that monitor your movements.

And now there’s a new tech called Radient Technology, which can track your every movement in real-time.

The company has developed an app that tracks your movements on a map and uses these to help it identify threats.

Radient Technologies chief technology officer Ben Wiedefeld told Ars Technica that Radient uses a GPS-based system to detect movement patterns and automatically respond with real-world alerts.

This is one of the reasons that smart phones are so popular in the surveillance business.

“It’s not just about the privacy of our devices,” Wiedelefld told us.

“We’re also looking at security.

We need a solution for security, and this is the perfect solution for that.”

Radient’s app tracks your location, your time of day, and how long you spend in certain areas of your house.

Radiant can also send alerts to you if it detects suspicious activity, which it can do with the help of its sensor network.

Wiedefelder explained that Radiant’s sensors have been designed to detect any motion in the environment.

For example, it can detect when your pet or a child is playing in a room with no walls.

It can also detect the amount of light in your room, or the time you spend watching TV.

“The sensors can be used to make an assessment of your surroundings, and then when we detect something, we can immediately notify the user,” Wiesefeld said.

Radience’s sensors can track everything from the amount you walk around your house to the number of people you talk to, and they can be turned off if they detect a threat.

Radiance’s app is compatible with the iPhone, Android, and Windows 10 phones.

Wiedefld explained that it uses the same technology that Google has used to help detect malicious websites.

“When we’re detecting a threat, the information we’re receiving is in real time.

We’re able to tell if that threat is a bot or an actual threat.

That’s a pretty important difference from Google,” he said.

Radient Technologies has been working on the app for a few months, and the company says it’s working on more products that it can sell to the security industry.

The company will also be developing software to track people using its smart-home technology.

Radent is not yet available for download, but it plans to eventually open it up to the public.

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