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How to keep your business up to date on technology news

Technology news is in full swing, with technology companies and news organizations all busy creating their own content.

This week we’re bringing you the best of the new technology in news, including the latest from Google, Facebook and other big names.

Start the day with a quick look at our top stories on technology:1.

Google announces its Android OS for 20182.

Facebook and Google agree on Android app updates3.

Google says it will pay $250m to buy Motorola4.

Facebook says its new Messenger app will have more than 500 million monthly active users5.

Facebook will make it easier to switch between Messenger and its existing apps6.

Apple and Google confirm an agreement on a new messaging app for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus7.

Facebook confirms it will give users a new feature called ‘Facebook Live’8.

Facebook introduces a new social network for Android users9.

Facebook launches ‘Live Stories’ that feature news stories that users can share directly to their friends10.

Facebook to add 10 new languages to Messenger11.

Google and Apple to give users more control over their photos12.

Facebook is getting ready to launch its first ‘virtual reality’ product13.

Google to make the new Google+ virtual reality headset more affordable14.

Apple says it is buying Motorola15.

Facebook announces the launch of ‘Project Messenger’16.

Facebook updates Messenger with an updated design17.

Facebook acquires Skype18.

Google launches a new photo-sharing service for iPhone 19.

Facebook tells users it is launching ‘Google+ Stories’20.

Google introduces new video-sharing app ‘Snap’21.

Google acquires Pinterest22.

Facebook shares an iOS-based ‘social’ platform called ‘Slide’23.

Google tells people they can set up their own social network24.

Facebook reveals its plans to expand Messenger on Android25.

Facebook makes it easier for people to change their Facebook profile26.

Facebook promises new photo sharing service ‘SnapChat’27.

Facebook unveils ‘FaceTime’ for iPhone users28.

Facebook adds a new ‘mobile’ messaging app, ‘Face Stories’29.

Facebook talks about its acquisition of Motorola30.

Facebook expands Messenger on iOS31.

Google’s Messenger app is updated to support iOS 32.

Facebook’s Messenger integration with Facebook Messenger for Android 33.

Facebook plans to make it easy to switch from Messenger to its existing app.34.

Facebook opens up a new app for Android owners with a new new social networking app, and adds a number of new languages.35.

Facebook lets users opt out of sending photos to their phone36.

Facebook releases a new mobile messaging app called ‘Snapchat for Android’.37.

Google makes it easy for people who are part of Facebook groups to set up ‘virtual’ groups.38.

Facebook provides users with an easy way to change the Facebook profile photo39.

Facebook gets into the video game business40.

Google unveils a new virtual reality product, ‘Google+.41.

Facebook explains how it plans to give mobile users more controls on their mobile phones42.

Google updates Messenger on Apple devices43.

Google offers new mobile apps for iOS44.

Google talks about plans to introduce a new cloud-based messaging service, ‘Slideshare’.45.

Facebook gives users more access to Facebook Photos46.

Facebook offers an updated ‘Facebook News’ app, adding a new group called ‘Finder’.47.

Facebook looks at the next big wave of mobile devices and reveals what the company plans to do with them.48.

Facebook has a new, free app called Messenger for Windows Phone49.

Facebook updated its Messenger app for iOS50.

Facebook joins Facebook’s new, more accessible app store on Android51.

Facebook creates an official social networking website called ‘Social’.52.

Facebook begins to let users choose which Messenger apps they use.53.

Facebook takes its Messenger platform to the Internet, allowing users to talk directly to each other on Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Messenger Messenger.54.

Facebook, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger on iPhone and iPad55.

Facebook announced its new ‘Facebook Messenger’ app56.

Facebook allows users to make phone calls and send text messages57.

Facebook posts a video of an ‘Evo-style’ drone in action58.

Facebook starts accepting applications for the $1 billion fund for a new video service called ‘Instagram Stories’.59.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1.3 billion60.

Facebook signs a deal with the Facebook App Network for the ability to use its app for Apple products.61.

Facebook hits a milestone when its mobile app is the top-rated app in the U.S.62.

Facebook said it is opening up its social network to other companies.63.

Facebook confirmed it has begun selling its Messenger service on the iPhone and on the iPad64.

Facebook on Thursday said it will make an announcement in the coming weeks about what it plans for its mobile apps.65.

Facebook launched a new product called ‘E

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