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Captain Turkey Technology Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 with new fingerprint sensor

Samsung unveils Galaxy S8 with new fingerprint sensor

Next Big, the Korean tech company that makes Android smartphones, announced on Wednesday the launch of the Galaxy S9, a smartphone that will use its fingerprint sensor to unlock its screen.

The new Galaxy S10 is rumored to be announced in early September.

The Samsung Galaxy S11, the successor to the S8, is expected to use a fingerprint sensor for the screen.

That is, the fingerprint sensor on the new Galaxy will be a fingerprint reader that uses capacitive touch, which Samsung claims is much more sensitive to pressure and humidity.

Samsung is promising that the new phone will last for a year, which is very promising considering that the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone died in just four days of being on sale.

The fingerprint sensor will also be able to detect objects in the way Samsung calls “ghosting.”

It is not clear yet whether Samsung will use the fingerprint technology in the Galaxy line-up, but it is very likely.

The company already announced that the Samsung Galaxy A9 smartphone will use a similar technology, and we already know that the LG G5 smartphone will have a similar fingerprint sensor.

The fingerprint sensor is a fingerprint technology that works by detecting a pattern on a user’s finger.

The more time a user spends touching the screen with their finger, the more fingerprints are created.

A fingerprint sensor has a very sensitive sensor and is very sensitive to heat, vibration, and light.

Samsung says that it has a sensor that is capable of detecting up to 5,000 fingerprint patterns per second.

The sensor is capable to identify objects by detecting light and humidity in the environment.

The Galaxy S6 also uses a fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy A8 smartphone, which it replaced with the Galaxy P9 smartphone.

The Galaxy S7 smartphone also uses fingerprint sensors.

Samsung’s Galaxy A10 smartphone also has a fingerprint sensors and is rumored for a later release.

The latest Galaxy S smartphones also feature the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Samsung claims that the Gear device has the same fingerprint sensor as the Galaxy 10 smartphone.

Samsung also said that the company is working on a smartwatch that will allow the wearer to use their fingerprint to unlock their phone.

The new Galaxy devices are supposed to be more affordable than the Galaxy phones, which are expensive to manufacture.

Samsung estimates that the S9 and S10 are expected to cost between $699 and $899, depending on which model you choose.

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