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Captain Turkey Contact Apple, Google and Facebook say they are shutting down search engine giant Dxc and disrupting their services

Apple, Google and Facebook say they are shutting down search engine giant Dxc and disrupting their services

Hacker News article Hacker news site Hacker News reported that Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Google have announced they will be shutting down Dxc’s search engine, the Google+ community, its video-sharing app and its social networking service, VKontakte.

Dxc said in a blog post on Thursday that it was shutting down its search engine and that its services would no longer be available for users.

“We are announcing this today to share with you the announcement that Dxc will be ending the services it currently provides and will no longer provide its services to us,” Dxc wrote.

“The services we provide will be discontinued.”

The company also said that VKontalk will no long exist.

Dxb said it was also shutting down VKontag, a platform for sharing news stories, as well as its video platform.

Facebook and Twitter are also shutting off their video-streaming services.

“This is a very sad day for the community and for Dxc,” Dxb wrote in a statement.

“It is important to note that we do not know the full extent of the disruption caused by these announcements and it will be difficult to determine how many people have been affected by them.

We will continue to work closely with our community to understand how this disruption affects them and the communities they represent.”

Google said in its blog post that it will also shut down Dxb.

The search engine company also announced that it is shutting down the Google+, social network and video-chat service VKontax.

DxC said in the blog post it will not be adding any new services to its services.

VKontaki, the social network for sharing videos, was also shuttered.

Dxa said it would not be giving any further comment.

Dxpans’ website also disappeared from the site, and users were asked to contact the company to ask for updates.

A spokesperson for Dxpants said the company had not received any notification of its shutdown, and that the website would not return to users’ websites.

“Due to the sudden change in circumstances, Dxc has decided to close its services and stop providing new content,” Dxpands spokesperson said.

“Dxc will not provide any further updates for now.”

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