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Captain Turkey Contact Why do people say they can’t get good weather today?

Why do people say they can’t get good weather today?

An IT worker who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer has told the RTE that the worst weather for a month is the most difficult for people to cope with today.

Paul Covalon, who is also known as the Covalote of the world, was diagnosed in December 2017 with the condition and has been unable to work since.

He said: I’m not sure why people would say that they cannot get good and the weather is so bad.

People don’t realise that if you get diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you do is get treatment and you will have to go through the whole process.

Paul is one of about 1,000 people diagnosed with colon cancer each year in Ireland.

He is one the few who has received an early stage treatment.

He says: It was very hard, I was just devastated and didn’t know what to do.

He is now considering getting an MRI scan to see if he has colon cancer.

Paul said: It has made a big difference.

He can still talk, he can still understand people, but he is very restricted.

I’m trying to keep it to myself and I’ve got to go back and think, what is going on?

He said.

Paul was diagnosed at his home in Galway in December.

He spent three months in hospital and then spent another six weeks in intensive care.

He has not had any further treatment, which means he has had to rely on his wife, Sarah, and his mother, for support.

Paul, who lives in a three-bedroom home, said that in the last three months, he has been getting less sleep, and is getting sick more often.

He told the broadcaster: When you’re living with this condition, you’re really reliant on your family.

It’s hard.

I have been on my own, I’ve been taking care of myself.

I can’t work because of the condition, and I’m struggling.

I can’t have my kids, because I can barely care for them, and it’s just the weather, it’s been very difficult.

He had no idea at the time he was diagnosed that his condition could be terminal.

He spent the first six months in intensive and was put on a drip, but was told by the specialist that the symptoms of colon cancer are very similar to that of Crohn’s disease, which is the condition that causes ulcerative colitis.

It is also a more serious condition and people with it have a better prognosis.

The radiologist who treated Paul in December told him that he could get better after he was treated.

Paul told RTE: I feel that I’ve achieved a lot.

The only thing that has come back for me is a little bit of a cough, which I’m very relieved about.

It has been difficult, I had to get out of bed a lot, but I’ve had a great time, and that’s what matters most.

I am very proud of myself for getting through this. Paul said.

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