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Captain Turkey Technology The first iPhone is here: New photos of iPhone 6s reveal it’s the most gorgeous phone we’ve ever seen

The first iPhone is here: New photos of iPhone 6s reveal it’s the most gorgeous phone we’ve ever seen

Apple is celebrating its first iPhone 6 release, which it claims has been designed to make users feel more connected to their devices.

The company released photos of the device, which are stunningly beautiful and the first of the iPhone 6 series to come to market.

We got our hands on an early build of the phone, which appears to have a glass body and the same sleek metal design as the next-generation iPhone.

We also got a peek at the back of the camera, which features a new “FaceTime” feature.

Apple also unveiled the new “Halo” glasses that it’s been teasing for some time, and we saw an early version of the new iPhone 6’s curved display.

The new iPhone looks stunning.

It’s even prettier than the previous model.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Apple chief executive Tim Cook said the iPhone has been redesigned to make it feel “more connected.”

The company also says the new phone “features an upgraded display, a new design, and the new FaceTime feature.”

The new iPhones have a more advanced camera and display, as well as the ability to stream music and videos over AirPlay to other devices in the home.

Here’s what the new device looks like.

It features an upgraded screen and new camera, but it’s not quite the same thing as the previous one.

The new iPhone has a new look and a redesigned design.

The curved glass body has an improved glass lens that looks a lot more like glass.

Apple’s new iPhone is now called the “iPhone 6s.”

Apple is now making a big push into “connected” products.

In an interview on CNBC earlier this year, Cook said Apple is now pushing its products “from the home to the workplace, from the car to the house.”

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will also be connected to Apple’s cloud-based service iCloud, so you can use them to sync photos and other content with friends and family, as you can with other devices.

Apple is also working on an iPad Pro, and it is reportedly developing a phone that will be “an iPad Pro in a pocket.”

Apple is releasing an iPhone 6 with a curved glass screen, and a new iPhone with a more curved display that looks great.

It also has a slightly larger display.

Apple’s new phones are a great step in the right direction for Apple.

They’re a great upgrade for existing Apple users, and they’re better than what Apple’s been doing for years.

“We’re getting closer and closer to the day when we can turn your phone into your most personal machine,” Cook said in the interview.

“When it’s connected to your home, it becomes your primary device.

When it’s plugged into your Mac, it makes your life easier.

When you turn on your TV, it’s more powerful than ever.”

Apple will be selling the new iPhones for $699, which is cheaper than the $1,499 that the iPhone 5s was priced at.

Apple will also sell a number of the devices in other countries, including the UK, Germany, Austria, France, and Sweden.

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