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How to create a healthcare-focused app

Health technology startup CareKit has raised $3.5 million in a Series A round led by General Catalyst, a startup accelerator.

The investment will help the company expand its app, which provides access to the most relevant information on health, with new features, including personalized medical information.

In addition, CareKit is partnering with medical device maker Medtronic to bring CareKit for Health to Medtec’s platform, which allows doctors to manage patients’ health records and prescribe medications.

This will enable the device maker to provide customized services, such as monitoring patients’ blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other health parameters.

Medtronics is currently working on a version of CareKit specifically for use with its proprietary glucose meter, which it has also developed for its own products.

The company is also working on an app that connects medical data to patients’ prescriptions and allows them to access it.

According to a CareKit press release, the company is focused on the “dramatic change in how healthcare is managed” and is “working on products to help physicians and patients improve their health and wellness.”

The company plans to roll out a suite of products over the next two years that will allow healthcare professionals to monitor and manage patients and other caregivers remotely through the CareKit app, with the ability to schedule appointments, track their activity, and even manage them remotely through their smartphone or tablet.

The first product to come out of this effort will be the first “personalized healthcare app,” which will allow patients to receive personalized medical advice and advice about their medical condition and health conditions that are outside their control, such, for example, if they have asthma.

“We are excited to be partnering with a leading healthcare tech company to create an innovative healthcare-specific healthcare app for healthcare professionals and caregivers,” said CareKit CEO and cofounder Joris Stoll.

“We believe this app will fundamentally change how healthcare professionals interact with their patients and can be a game-changer for healthcare technology.”

CareKit was founded by three partners: Zimin Zang, Ziman Sadeh, and Zeev K. Elia.

The group, which recently acquired CarePath, has more than 15,000 members in its network of health professionals.

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