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Captain Turkey Contact Microsoft inboard: It’s not a magic bullet, but a useful tool for companies that want to make the switch to inboard phones

Microsoft inboard: It’s not a magic bullet, but a useful tool for companies that want to make the switch to inboard phones

By Alex Wawro By | 06 March 2018 05:55:38Microsoft is rolling out a new inboard phone, and the company is already saying the technology will make the transition easier for businesses that need to keep pace with smartphone shipments.

Inboard phones, also known as in-car devices, are similar to traditional smartphones but without the battery life and connectivity benefits of an on-board phone.

In-board phones are typically less expensive and offer much more in-depth functionality than phones on the same price tag.

They also require less space and battery life.

Microsoft says in-board technology, which is currently being tested on the Surface Pro 4, will help companies to make more efficient use of the phone’s battery.

In addition, in-card cameras, which typically require more storage space and more power, are also a benefit, according to Microsoft.

In this April 11, 2018 photo, a Surface Pro 3 is shown at the Microsoft booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

(AP Photo/Steve Marcus)”For businesses that don’t have the resources to get a phone and they’re trying to keep up with all the devices, the inboard experience is a great option,” said Steve Hsieh, senior director of marketing at Microsoft, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“And if they want the best features and the most advanced capabilities, then they want an inboard device.”

The company is now testing out in-box and app-inboard cameras on the Pro 4 and Surface Pro.

In this May 3, 2018 video, a Microsoft employee shows off a prototype of an app-inspector, which the company says is a better way to detect software updates.

In a video demonstration, the app-infosecer is shown being installed on a Pro 4 using a stylus.

Microsoft said the new in-bound camera feature will be available for purchase in the coming weeks.

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