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Captain Turkey Art Khmer Rouge leader’s death: Cambodia says its military is investigating

Khmer Rouge leader’s death: Cambodia says its military is investigating

Cambodia is investigating a claim that a former Khmer leader has died.

The military said on Thursday that an autopsy of the late former leader, Thieu Thieu, showed he died of natural causes on Friday at age 79.

The report by the Joint Investigation Department, the body charged with investigating possible human rights violations in Cambodia, was made public by the Khmer People’s Congress, which controls the Cambodian Parliament.

“We believe the deceased died of a natural causes, and not due to a war crime or a coup,” it said.

The Khmer National Liberation Front (KNNF), which ruled Cambodia for more than half a century until it was ousted in a 1975-76 military coup, has repeatedly accused the U.S. of carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the country, where more than 20 million people are thought to have been killed in the Khmers Rouge’s crackdown.

U.S.-backed Cambodia has never officially acknowledged the killing of Thieu.

But the Khredan People’s Army, which was led by the late Thieu’s brother, Gen. Myint, during the Khombele rebellion of 1970-71, has accused the United States of having carried out a coup against its former government in Cambodia.

In July, the Khomedan People Power Front (KKPFP) called for the United Nations to investigate allegations of genocide, saying the U, in an interview with CNN, claimed that the U.”did a lot of killing and destruction and destruction of the country in the name of its own interests.”

The U.N. says it has investigated the allegations, but has not reached a conclusion.

The KNNF and KKPFP are the two main political parties that dominate the Cambodians parliament.

They were at loggerheads after the 2016 general election, in which the KPNF won seats in the upper house of parliament and the KKPs took control of the lower house.

Since then, the two parties have had disagreements on how to address ongoing disputes in the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), which has ruled the country for more two decades.

The U, meanwhile, has consistently called for peace in Cambodia and a political transition.

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