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Captain Turkey Art India to launch ‘Smart Cities’ initiative in 2020

India to launch ‘Smart Cities’ initiative in 2020

The country is to launch “smart cities” in 2020, with officials from various states and districts planning to create a virtual city to help with transportation and communication needs.

The project is part of the government’s Smart Cities Strategy, which seeks to create the country’s “smart infrastructure.”

India, the world’s third largest economy, is in the midst of a severe power crisis, with the country struggling to provide enough electricity to the entire population.

The country’s main power grid is suffering from a lack of investment and the country has seen a spike in power outages as it tries to meet the demands of people in the capital, New Delhi.

“Smart cities” are part of that effort, which aims to improve the connectivity of the population, the National Energy Corporation (NEPC) said in a statement.

“India’s Smart City strategy is aimed at making life more convenient and to create sustainable development for the citizens of the country,” the NEPC said in the statement.

The National Urban Development Corporation (NUDC), which is overseeing the implementation of the project, said the city would be based on the principles of the World Health Organization, the UN’s agency for social and environmental change.

It will be built on the Indian city-state’s green-belt, or urban “urban fabric.”

The government said it was seeking private sector participation in the project.

The NUDC said the plan would also help the state-run power company, NTPC, with providing electricity to more people in need.

“The state government will work with NTPC to develop a pilot project to deploy smart cities in the city-states of Madhya Pradesh and Punjab,” NUDCs spokesperson Rajeev Jadhav said in an email to CNN.

“We are in the process of selecting private companies to take on the project and will announce their participation in due course.”NUDCs said in February that it will invest $300 million to create and launch “Smart Cities for India.”

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